February 14, 2010

Forever Flower Bouquets

I've been working on a big project...This is a tutorial to make the flowers that I used in this Bouquet of Flowers for my mother. The tutorial video will be available on the sidebar. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. The templates will be located at 4share.com. I hope that you enjoy this and will tell others to come and check it out. Please make sure to leave me some love. There will soon be a direct link to the You Tube video if you want to watch my tutorial without the blog music. If you create some flowers using my tutorial, please be sure to link your finished flowers to the comment section below so that I can see all your creations.

Upcoming Posts

Be on the lookout for some new posts from me soon. I'm working to get some new items created so that I can share with you the wonders of my creativity. I wish I could make papercrafts day and night, but I don't think I'd be married if I did and my kids would be taken from me for neglect. I love them all too much, so you'll have to be patient while I make some time to work at it.