April 25, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day To Be Loved....

The favorite Canadian crooner, Michale Bublé, is making yet another sly entrance into the entertainment industry. He has reached into the American songbook with some amazing renditions of some oh so popular classics from Frank Sinatra, the Bee Gees, Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, along with many more. Not to mention, he is looking oh so fine in a suit!

To Be Loved, available at amazon.com by clicking here, is a lineup of tracks to include four original songs co-written by the Canadian Crooner himself.  The original songs bring you right to the heart of Bublé s person life.  Michael says, "I want to take you on a wonderful journey about love--all different kinds of love".  The album itself touches on many emotions from happiness to sadness. "Do not think I take my success these last ten years for granted. I was anything but an overnight sensation, which inspires me to deliver big time for my fans—maybe even make some new ones this time out." says . "I labored over every song, every note and every arrangement because I can’t resist trying to make each record better than my last one."

Michael is enjoying the good times in his life, he will soon become a first-time dad. In the video for the song, It's a Beautiful Day, he portrays a young lad truly loving life. Michael says, "I wrote Close Your Eyes about my wife and about the power of all the women in my life—my sisters, my mom, my grandma and all women in general. Let’s face it, where would we be without them? I Got It Easy, another original, is basically a song where I count my blessings and is a reminder to me and everyone to appreciate all the good parts of life. I’m a very lucky guy and I never want to forget it."

From the first track on the album to the very last track on the album Bublé never ceases to amaze me with his talent.  I watched the video for the song It's a Beautiful Day and came to the very conclusion that the lives of people all around today resemble the portrayal in the video.  You can watch the video by following the link here.
Michael is slated to appear on Dancing with The Stars on April 30 and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 3.  Be sure to tune to your favorite television station to check him out.
Disclaimer:  I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the album to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.