August 29, 2006

Question Tuesday Challenge

Thanks to motorbarbie from The Memory Safe, I am updating my blog.

1. What is your favorite season? My favorite season is spring. I love spring because spring means that soon there'll be beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. 2. What is your favortie thing about that season? That the wonderful aroma of blossoms are coming soon. Spring also means that it's only a short time before the kids will be out of school and the hustle and bustle slows down. 3. Is there something special you do during that season? During the spring, I usually clean out the flower beds and prepare for the upcoming beauty that will emerge from the earth.

August 5, 2006


I must say that on a daily basis, I browse for inspiration on different scrapbook messages boards. On more than one, I've been truly inspired by InkyinIndy. Linda's work absolutely amazes me to no avail. Prior to seeing her work, I very seldom completed a page with just ONE photo. Through her inspiration, I saw just how much focus was brought to the picture instead of everything around it. Thanks Linda for helping me to see 1 photo pages from a new perspective.. Your work rocks and should be an inspiration to many.