May 9, 2008

Life's Gotten In The Road

Sorry's been a pretty busy week. With the weather warming here, the kids have had ball practice or something going on evey night this week. I sure hope that next week, things slow down a bit. I've got a couple of really nice projects to share with you.. Hopefully I can get them uploaded over the weekend.


nancy morgan said...

Hope you have a great week : ) ! Congrats on winning my blog candy. It's been a treat to visit your blog, it's awesome : ) !

Donna said...

Hi Janean! Congratulations! You won blog candy from me earlier this week. Please contact me with your name and address.

Pamela said...

yeah, it just gets in the way of these things. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog and of course your entry still counts even though you were already a member of the board!