April 12, 2008

4 The Love of Scraps

Do people ever ask you why you put so much time, money and energy into scrapbooking or creating? This question usually brings about a tremendous amount of anger within me. To me creating is a passion. A passion is an (1): emotion (2)plural : the emotions as distinguished from reason b: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction c: an outbreak of anger5 a: ardent affection : love b: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept d: an object of desire or deep interest. I have a strong liking and devotion to this, so much so that if I could afford to quit my job and feel confident that I could make enough money doing just creating I would.

When people ask me this question, I immediately take to the defensive. That's like me asking someone, why do you play video games or why do you like to go to nascar races...you get the idea...I have a love for creating for many reasons.

1. I find that creating is a way to hide from the day-to-day routine.
2. I can escape to a happier place creating scrapbook pages about another time on a bad day.
3. I can preserve many years of memories, safely.
4. I have an amazing sense of accomplishment.
5. I know that I can brighten someones day through my creations.

And the list goes on. So what are your reasons for loving to create??? Today, take a minute or two to remember why you love to create. Make a list and share it.


Mistylynn said...

Oh so true, but I tend to feel guilty sometimes especially when my kiddos ask me what I got them while I was out shopping? Hee hee hee. Thanks for the smiles.