June 28, 2006

Scraps of Me...

How often do you scrap? ~ Every kid free chance I get!

When do you prefer to scrap?
~ Any moment the kids are in bed.

How long do you typically scrap for? ~ Until I feel it's time to move onto something else.

How many layouts do you complete in a month? ~ Usually only do 4-6 per month.

Prefer to scrap alone, with a friend or at a crop? ~ I've never been to a crop by like to scrap alone.

Favorite scrappin munchie? ~ Pretzels
Favorite beverage?
(obviously, in a sippy glass... placed away from pictures and layouts)
~ Diet coke.

How do you organize your sessions for scrapping? ~ Could you give me your definition of organize?

Do you build page kits? ~ Sometimes

Do you make power layouts? ~ Nope

How often do you use sketch challenges? ~ I love them.

How often do you scrap lift? ~ Don't usually will come up with a combo of a couple of different ideas.

Do you watch tv, movies, or listen to the music? ~ Sometimes I'm a music fan while scrappin.

Do you crop sitting ot standing? ~ Standing

What albums or themes are you currently working on? ~ 10 years worth of kid photos.

Any tips or tricks to share? ~ None.

Anything else you want to tell share about your scrapping habits? ~ Can't think of any right now.

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motobarbie said...

Those are great answers and this has been so fun to ge tot know one another this way!