June 18, 2008

Croppinsville Is Open For Business

Croppinsville online is now open for business. Please make sure you go and check out what they have available...

Croppinsville is a truly unique Stampin' and Scrappin' Spot. We specialize in carrying trendy, funky independents in addition to your favorite brands - the latest and greatest - we like to order the whole kit-n-caboodle too, so you can find everything you want in one place. We love to support small businesses, and we even encourage our own designers and try to develop their own designs. Find something new and exciting. We're working on our own line of products as well!

At Croppinsville, you'll find a unique Designer's gallery, there's also a gallery for customers! Don't miss our BLOG - staffed by a team of guest designers and Hometown Bloggers - they are constantly at work bringing you tutorials, challenges, games and prizes. Join our community and participate in swaps, contests and more. Make Croppinsville your Hometown too!

Croppinsville rewards you for your loyalty as well - for every $150 you spend, you receive $25 to spend. No silly restrictions, strange qualifications, etc. - spend your money any way you want and earn your reward! Shop the sales - you still earn your rewards! You want low shipping and you want your goodies fast - you pay only half the shipping for orders up to $60 and for orders over $60 - shipping is free! Orders received by 3 pm ship the same day! Always find a little something special and unexpected in your box - a little Random Act of Kindness. You can shop anywhere, and we want to thank you for shopping at Croppinsville!

Our goal at Croppinsville is great Customer Service - to provide inspiration, resources, and all the materials you need... and we want to do this quickly, carefully, and at a great price.

Croppinsville was founded by Allie Gower, a stamper and scrapper who simply knows that the specialized art of customer service has not been lost. She loves to eat, sleep and breathe creativity! She firmly believes that online shopping does not have to be a cold, impersonal experience, and that she and her employees, and her fabulous designers and Hometown Bloggers are completely committed to serving all those who come to Croppinsville - whether it's through the doors or over the internet waves. Because Allie is also passionate about the environment, Croppinsville is a GREEN company. The store itself is comprised of a majority of recycled fixtures and materials, and she has purposefully chosen many vendors that utilize GREEN technology, like Creative Imaginations and Prima Marketing. To quote one of her favorite designers, Nina Perrin, "when life gives you scraps, make something."

Stop in and check out the blog at Croppinsville Blog there's a lot going on over there in honor of the opening.

I'll be heading up Grand Opening Bingo...Here are the details. Go check it out and join in the fun.

Hometown BINGO!
Welcome to Croppinsville. We’re go glad you’ve stopped by and we hope that you’ll join us for lots of fun games, challenges, tips, techniques, tutorials and swaps. In honor of the recent opening of the new online and Brick & Mortar store, we’re hosting a grand opening bingo game. It’s pretty simple. You’ll pick 50 words from the list of 100. All the words are scrap related goodies or manufacturers carried at Croppinsville. Once you select your 50 words, you must email them along with your name, email address and a link to your blog (if you have one), to croppinbingo@yahoo.com before 11:59pm EST on June 21st. Beginning on June 23rd we’ll call 16 words each day. The first 8 (eight) words will be posted by 7:00 am EST and the last 8 (eight) words will be posted by 9:00 pm EST. So make sure to stop by to check out the bingo words twice daily and while you’re visiting, check out the other happenings at Croppinsville.Allie, the owner of Croppinsville is offering a $15 gift card to Croppinsville for the bingo winner. To be the winner of the grand opening bingo prize, you must be the first to cross off all of your bingo words and post a comment on this blog post. You must also send an email to croppingbingo@yahoo.com calling Bingo. We’ll then verify the word list you originally emailed against the words called and the winner will be determined.So why not join us in the fun… Remember to get your lists in by the deadline. A confirmation of the word list receipt will be sent to the email address provided for verification that the list was received prior to the deadline. Also remember to stop in at Croppinsville and check out all of the great products.


TheShermanFam said...

WOW!! That sounds like fun! I'll try and get over there today so I can play!! Thanks for the heads up!!

NancyJones said...

sounds like fun!! SO glad to see yall have th site up running too! Looks beautiful!!!