October 29, 2006

My Childhood

My Childhood

Name and birthdate: Janean Campbell ~ August 21, 1973

1. I was most afraid of: The Dark

2. My favorite movie: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

3. My favorite book: Are You There God, It's Me Margaret By: Judy Blume

4. My best friend: Tamiko Hafdahl

5. My first crush: Robbie Brown

6. What I used to think I would name my kids: Jamie and Joey

7. Games I used to play: Backgammon

8. My favorite toy: Don't really remember

9. I thought I was a loner as a child, but looking back I really wasn’t.

10. I didn’t think I was ornery as a child, but looking back I probably was.

11. Something I did and I never got caught: Hmm I really can't say.

12. Something my mom thought I’d never grow out of: Being Ornery

13. My favorite song: Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard

14. How many houses I lived in: 1

15. My earliest memory: Going to Grandma Cooks house on Elm Street and running from house to house during trick or treat and coming back with a pillow case full of candy.

16. Something I did that I still get teased about: Dancing on the TV as a toddler or sitting ontop of the refrigerator.

17. My favorite outfit from childhood: Leg Warmers, Mini Skirt & Vest with Blouse. Of Course had to have hair up in a ponytail on the side of my head instead of in the back.

18. Something I wish I could go back and change: The way I treated my mom as a teenager.

19. I was ridiculously old when I finally realized that: Life isn't always as easy as it was when you're a little kid.

20. My greatest achievements: My kids and my husband.