July 1, 2006

~Through the Eyes of A Child~

It's utter excitement to these little 3rd and 4th grade girls, as the last pitch is thrown and the final out of the championship game is made. First, there's the shock of is it really over? Did we really win? Then there's the charge from within that tells your brain to jump and shout. Finally the reality sinks in and they go wild.

This years fastpitch team was pretty young. The girls were a bit concerned going into the season. The other team from our community has mostly 4th graders on it and most if not all had played before. Our team had several 3rd graders and a couple had never played. My daughter being one of them. These little girls rallied through the season with a 14-0 record. It's amazing how one attempts to make predictions that are no where near what really happens. During the tournaments this past week, the girls played 4 games to become the CHAMPIONS!

The coach of this years team was absolutely amazing. His patience with these girls was always evident. He's been the high school boys baseball coach for years. I want to commend him on his fairness with all of the girls and for beliving in them. Thanks coach.

As a mother, now I relive my childhood memories through the eyes of my child. As a young girl myself, I played and LOVED softball. It's wonderful and exciting to me that my daughter is reliving some of my childhood. Way to go BABY GIRL!

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motobarbie said...

Great picture, my DD plays Softball also but our season begins so early here that it ended sometime mid May. They too were the big winners in their division. It is fun to watch them.