June 20, 2006

~Rainbow of My World~

Red represents the blood that was shed to cleanse me free from sin. I was but a teenager burdened by the daily ups and downs of life when I chose to give my soul over to our precious FATHER.

Orange represents the fires that I was freed from when I chose Jesus as my personal savior.

Yellow is the color of the sun that keeps me going from day-to-day. What would our very existence be like if all the Earth was covered in complete darkness? Again, who to thank but our Jesus.

Green is the color of all things that grow under the sun. The grass, which as children, we roll and play in, leaving all who come behind a legacy of memories.

Blue is the color of the heavens above. One day, the angels will come down from the clouds and remove us from our temporary place of existence here on Earth.

Indigo is the color of the night sky. The sky that holds the star, which gave light to the stable, which was a resting place for the Christ Child.

Violet is the color of many beautiful flowers. Flowers that release a wonderful aroma. An aroma that brings joy to us everyday.

The colors of the rainbow represent something very important to me. It's because of the colors in my rainbow that I'm able to maintain existence in this crazy place we call our temporary home. One day we'll go to our new home to be with our Maker, until then, we have to make the most of what we have here. Enjoy life and preserve the many memories that are made.


Susie said...

hey I love what you have here but when is the last time you updated your blog??? LOL!!! Just picking! are you going to use your own great suggestion?

Susie said...
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